Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Together they're Invincible.

There's few things that excite me more than weddings. I haven't been to a lot of real weddings (meaning: most of the wedding's I've ever been to are from people that aren't close to me) but yet every time I get all teary and excited.

Last saturday I got to be at one of the most beautiful (and let's say different) weddings ever, and for the first time someone close to me was actually getting married. My ex-coworker and friend Paola married her best friend for 10 years and long time boyfriend. You could see it in their faces and feel it in the air: these guys are crazy about each other. Everything in their wedding was so well thought and perfectly arranged, it made you wanna smuggle something in your purse.

Along all that, I was sitting with all of my ex-coworkers. It was amazing and fun (and a bit sober due to fancy cocktails and lack of beer) but we danced so much that I can still feel every muscle in my body aching after 3 days. We were the last ones standing, dancing and jumping around the dance floor. Eventually only the bride's parents and sisters were left apart from us. And they cutely waited for us to be done dancing to leave.

So once again (happens every time I attend a wedding) I went crazy and I can't wait to have a wedding of my own.

So, God bless their marriage and may they be as blissful and in love as they are now.

Here's some proof of all the magic:


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